Friday, 16 June 2017

Madhouse diaries : Festival of the sea

Last week was the Festival of the Sea and we headed down for a look and to join in with some of the activities. The first thing that caught our eye was a volleyball game taking place on an inflatable pitch out in the marina - certainly unique !

The giants were out and I smiled when we walked past and Pierre didn't bat an eyelid because he used to be terrified of them, not so long ago ! There was also a giant paddle board but the kids didn't fancy getting wet.

We watched the children's sailing boats that were all tied together so they looked like a line of ducklings following along behind Mummy Duck !

We headed over to the arts and crafts tent where Pierre and Juliette painted a hessian triangle to make a flag. Pierre went for a seascape with a boat, sun and birds while Juliette, predictably, painted a unicorn !

While waiting for the next activity, I asked Pierre to hold my camera while I hunted out the bottle of water in my bag and, when I got home, I discovered these selfies !

Not sure why he took a picture of our feet but it made me laugh !

After about half an hour's wait (it could have been worse, as it was free), Pierre and Juliette excitedly climbed up onto the bungee trampolines. Juliette was first.

Closely followed by Pierre, who looked a bit serious when he first started bouncing, but he soon got into the swing (or the spring ?!) of things.

They soon had their heads in the clouds - "weeee, I'm flying, Mum ! "

Once they were back on solid ground, they had fun sailing some litte boats across a big paddling pool to each other.

"Here it comes, get ready !"

There was an obstacle course out on the water.

As well as a giant slide and the chance to try subaqua, diving down to the seabed in the marina.

The kids (quite sensibly) wanted to stay dry though, so we watched the Newfoundland dogs doing their rescues then headed for home. Not bad for a free day out, especially when the buses are free at the weekend too so we didn't even have to walk home !

Country Kids


  1. France is amazing, there are some great activities organised and what a bargain to have so much for free, right down to the bus home! I love the look of the giant paddle board, I really fancy a go on one and this looks big enough for even me to balance! I'm surprised the bungee queue wasn't longer, mine often ask for a go at the beach but it is really expensive when you have a few children. A great day out.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. They have paying ones at the beach here too and they're always expensive so I say no, but if it's free, it has to be done !! :)

  2. The obstacle course on the water looks cool but not very safe. Love Juliette's unicorn painting.

    1. Bit of a strange idea, but the kids were all wearing life jackets and there were people in the water just in case !

  3. This looks great, I love the idea of the inflatable volleyball pitch!

    1. It was clever - and the ball was a rope so it couldn't fall in the sea and get lost !

  4. This festival looks lots of fun. I like the look of that obstacle course. #CountryKids

  5. I have not heard of the festival of the sea before but it looks like fun. I love the unicorn flag very talented. I am with the kids I wouldn't want to get wet either. #CountryKids

  6. Bristol has something similar every year and we love it.The obstacle course looks amazing fun.